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Jan 9, 2007 04:15 PM

streets of ny (i know...) customer service note

i LOVE good customer service. infact, i have this opinion that is requires absolutely nothing to give the bare minimum, so to give bad service actually requires effort, and i won't reward it. good service also requires an effort, and i appluad and reward that. (and i was a waitress through college)

we order from streets of NY all the time (2nd street and camelback) because they deliver. no, its not the best italian (infact, its barely italian) and we never order pizza, but their pasta dinners are worthwhile, cheap and fast.

we ordered last night, and by the time my other half arrived home, we discovered his dinner was the wrong order. no big deal, i made him something else.

this morning i called, just to let them know since we assumed someone else had gotten ours, and we got the manager, mario. what followed was like a practice in exactly what a restuarant manager SHOULD do.

he apologized, was kind, funny, and not only said he hoped we'd eaten it anyways, but that he was immediately applying a credit for not one, but two dinners, and was so nice that we ended up chatting for a minute or two.

that's the sort of stuff that counts. and you know what? not that i wouldn't have been back anyways, nor did i really care about the credit, but that immediately makes me more likely to go there and to recommend it to others. (specially since its not like there are too many places around here with great pasta dinners and delivery).

we talk about food on here a lot, but to me, i wouldn't tolerate bad service even if they were serving manna. i love to hear about good service, and i hate to say it, it makes me a little more tolerant of the food...

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  1. I actually like their pizza. The one I used to live by was fairly painful to visit as it was a junior high/high school hangout, but we would go occasionally for a quick bite. They're also one of the few places that carries Ace Pear on draft, which is nice in the summer.

    1. had their pizza last time i was in prescott. no, its not italian but its also called streets of new york. i did note in my review that it seemed like a well run little place. glad to have confirmation of this fact. glad to see someone on chowhound noting a restaurant purely for good customer service. after all, good service can always make chow taste ten times better, cant it? chow is as much about the experience you take away as it is about the food (of course there are exceptions to that, but on the whole this is the truth).

      also, i agree with themis. very nice pizza. overpriced, but you get nonmealy tomatoes in the month of january with which i cant contest.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. For the record .. Streets of NY is a pizza/pasta place found mostly in the metro-Phoenix area. And count this as another nod towards their generally good service! Prior to a recent move, we frequented the location at Az Ave and Baseline and always had good service experiences – a rare occurrence in today’s day and age. While at times I think the bus staff exceeds the wait staff, I can’t think of one time where a service complaint rolled from my tongue. Plus, we like their pizza and wing deal. The wings are not great – but there is a lot less guilt involved as they are baked and not fried.


          1. I've never been thrilled (which is easy to do) with their S. Scottsdale location, even though it's close by. Maybe it's because this particular location is pretty small. Thus to me it kind of exists in this limbo state... not the best choice for a quick/cheap lunch. Not a destination dining experience either. Kind of a tweener.

            - There are better places nearby to grab a slice or some wings (for less).

            - There are certainly better choices for pizza, (for less or more - depending on what experience you seek).

            I did have a service glitch as well due to them not being able to prioritize take out/delivery/dine in orders. It should never take 25 minutes to get a meatball sandwich to go.... unless there's an Italian Grandma hand rolling each meatball to order.

            Just my 2 cents! But Bravo if they stepped up and I will try their pasta dishes at some point. Still, I drive by them 4 times a day or 1,000+ times a year and they are not drawing me in.