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Jan 9, 2007 04:14 PM

The Chicken Crisis of '07 - Calling all East Bay hounds!

The recent disappearance of Hoffman Game Birds from the Ferry Plaza market has caused a lot of alarm around here. I just read this great post on the Ethicurean on the availability of pastured chicken in the Bay Area:

Seems that at the moment, Magnani's Poultry in North Berkeley is the only place for Hoffman birds. However, it turns out that Ver Brugge on College Ave. in Rockridge used to carry them, but stopped because of low demand. Jerry Ver Brugge says that he'd love to carry them again if the demand were there.

So if you live in the area and would like to have the option of buying truly humanely raised, pastured birds without driving to North Berkeley, give Ver Brugge a call at (510) 658-6854 (or stop by in person) and let them know that there's a market out there.

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  1. The meat market at Cafe Rouge (my butcher of choice) carries Hoffman birds - I saw some delicious looking quails when I was buying steak on Sunday, and they usually carry Hoffman chicken. Their stock of meat changes from day to day, based in part on what the restaurant is serving, but Rouge will order just about anything with 24 hours notice.