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Jan 9, 2007 03:46 PM

Napa recomendations?

As part of a San Francisco getaway, my wife and I are planning an overnight to Napa Valley (staying in Calistoga for the mud and massages) on Sunday, 3/18 - Monday, 3/19. We're planning to visit about a half-dozen wineries on this trip (our third).
Logistically, Napa seems to be an ideal place to stop for lunch on both the trip up and back. I've seen references to several well-known places in Napa, including Bitro Don Giovanni, Bistro Jeanty, Bouchon, etc. We're looking for fresh, well-prepared food at a reasonable price.
I'd also appreciate a recommendation for Sunday night dinner in Calistoga. We ate at the Calistoga Inn on our last trip. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Bounty Hunter in downtown Napa has a small menu (with a great wine selection by the glass and wonderful flights). The food is simple and well prepared with salads, cheese plate, sandwiches. Check out (i believe). We've also eaten downtown at Celadon for dinner, never for lunch. The food is fine. FReshly prepared and you can sit in a courtyard or in the small restaurant. Outside is usually heated ( Julia's kitchen at Copia is fresh (but for cheaper food, eat at the cafe inside Copia. It has great sandwiches and salads and if the weather is nice you can sit in the garden outside).
    There's a whole string of restaurants running along the river on Main st. Pilar has been recommended to us, but we haven't made it there yet.

    Hope you find something good for lunch.

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      Have you been to Julia's Kitchen since the chef change?

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        No, I haven't. Has anyone heard good/bad things? (And thanks for the wine correction for girl and the fig!) I prefer the lunches at Copia's cafe. Simple, fresh and unusual (at least they were the last time we were there).

      1. Have to concur on Pilar - that is hands-down my favorite place to eat in Napa.

        For Calistoga there are two biggies on my list; Brennan's and Wappo Bistro. I've done Brennan's two-to-one over Wappo Bistro just for the bounty of food and great attitude of the waiters.

        1. Commented on this same subject yesterday in a different thread:

          1. Thanks for the responses. I looked at Pilar's website and, unfortunately, they are closed on Sunday and Monday. We'll have to save it for our next trip.

            Bistro Don Giovanni in Yountville may work for lunch on Sunday, and since we're staying in Calistoga, it looks like we'll try either Brannan's or Wappo Bistro for dinner on Sunday night.

            We may do bread and cheese on Monday for lunch while we're exploring the wineries and hit Celadon for dinner on the way back to San Francisco on Monday evening.

            So much good food -- so little time! Thanks again.