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Jan 9, 2007 03:46 PM

Literati Cafe - does it have Internet access? Other internet coffee shops in Brentwood?

Hi -
I was curious if Literati Cafe has internet access? I'm trying to find a comfy coffee shop with wireless access around the brentwood area - was hoping that Literati may have it. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I just got off the phone with Victor at Literati Cafe, they do not have Wifi Access. However, all of the Starbucks in Brentwood do have WiFi access. Not what you were thinking of, unfortunately.

    1. Bread & Porridge, a bit further down Wilshire, has free Wi-Fi and some comfy couches to hang out on.

      1. Try the 18th Street Coffee House (1725 Broadway, Santa Monica). Lovely quiet place with a leafy patio.

        Or Cafe Balcony (corner of Rochester and Santa Monica). Lovely quiet place without a leafy patio.

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          Just a note on Cafe Balcony: it is not a morning place. It opens, sometimes theoretically, at noon. Still a great place, just not for morning coffee.

        2. Coral Tree used to have internet access. I don't recall whether it was wifi or that the booths had a hard wire connection. Maybe worth a call.

          1. Okay, stop the presses! This is a posting near and dear to me since I just got my Toshiba Satellite 205 for Xmas and have been trying to relive the Berkeley coffee house days of the Sixties. I end up at Starbuck's more times than not because of the TMobile connection which you have to pay for but just discovered a great place in Culver City if you don't mind a little traveling. Synergy Cafe & Lounge on Overland just north of the library or south of Culver has rotating art, serves Groundwork coffee, a little performance space in back with a substantial calendar of events, two popular patio tables in front and free wireless internet! The rotating art isn't too bad either (check out the painting of The Big Red Dog on the back wall). Ask for Alex one of the partners to hear the philosopy and learn about the second location opening nearby on Sepulveda and Braddock. Just finishing their generous house salad with a tasty vinaigrette for 5.95 and about to score my fifty cent coffee refill. This place just became a fixture for me.

            4455 Overland Avenue
            Culver City