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Jan 9, 2007 03:38 PM

Bamiyan Kabob - Afghani Restaurant

Against fear of turning yet another little treasure into another over crowded mediocre affair, I feel that Bamiyan Kabob is under exposed and deserves some respect.

Nestled amongst fast food joints and mini marts in a small-off-the-main-road plaza at 62 Overlea Blvd near Don Mills and Eglinton, Bamiyan is a definite chow pleaser. From the casual dining room and self serve atmosphere one would never guess than the staff behind the open kitchen and counter would cook up such a delicious assortment of Halal Kabobs. All the meats (lamb, beef and chicken breasts) are cooked tender and just right. Dinner portions are served with a generous amount of long grain rice which at first glance seems dry but is moist and delicious, salad and roti at a very reasonable price ($8-$15). One would find it difficult to finish everything on their plate.

While the meats are delicious, there are vegetarian options available and sometimes the rice and roti is enough to make me want to go back.

Try it.

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  1. Thanks - I have wondered about this place which I pass on the bus home from work. I will get off and pick dinner up someday soon.

    1. I first read about this place in the Toronto Star restaurant reviews. They got a great review from the food critic! I think this place is worth checking out..

      1. I tried Bamiyan last week for the first time, I absolutely concur. I was getting takeout, it was a little crowded and loud for eat-in for my tastes, but that was Friday around 6pm. We had lamb and chicken dinners, both good, they also had wraps on the menu for $4-5.

        1. I'd forgotten about Bamiyan. We went last year on the recommend from TorStar but this was pre-Chowhound postings for me.

          2 thumbs up indeed.

          1. Our favourite out-of-the-way ethnic place. Two more thumbs up!
            Also a great people-watching scene.