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Jan 9, 2007 03:36 PM

San Jose Dining Recommendations

Will be staying at San Jose Marriott for 4 nites...prefer walking distance since we don’t know the roads but do have car for something we can’t miss....Prices can be top to bottom, taste ranges from American, Continental, French, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, sushi, Mexican, Asian or Ethiopian...

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  1. Downtown Area:
    French (Swiss): Emile's, may be too far to walk, closing soon.

    Contintental: Paolo's

    Italian-American: Original Joe's

    Steak: Blakes

    For the View: (Rancho) Grandview Restaurant, Continental/American. Get on Santa Clara (~blocks north from the Marriot) and head east, Santa Clara morphs into Alum Rock at Hwy101, turn right on Mt Hamilton Ave, continue into the foot hills. On a clear night, one can see the Santa Clara Valley.

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    1. I read that Emile's (owned by Emile) has closed. It was to reopen as - I recall - Emile's but under new ownership and
      with Emile as a consultant. This may have already happened.

      Blake's is gone.

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      1. re: taco_belle

        "Blake's is gone."

        What is it called now, Picasso's ? I ate there two weeks ago, there was both Blakes and Picassos signage. I didn't notice any difference in the menu. I eat there at least once a year, before a Shark's game.

        The hostess is the same.

        1. re: Alan408

          The original owners recently sold Blakes at the end of 2006.

      2. Saigon 75 has wonderful Vietnamese food. It is on Santa Clara
        and 8th St.

        1. For Chinese, try Bo Town Seafood, just steps away from your hotel.

          1. Other thoughts:

            71 St. Peter on San Pedro

            La Pastaia in the DeAnza Hotel on Santa Clara

            Arcadia in your hotel - basically a steaks/chops themed
            Michael Mina restaurant

            Stump's on Santa Clara - another steaks/chops place

            Moving down the food chain - McCormick's by the Fairmont
            Hotel on Market - chain/seafood/typically fresh and decently
            prepared but ho-hum.

            Tied House on San Pedro - a microbrew place with mostly
            okay bar/pub food.

            I didn't mean by my earlier post to rule out Emile's, but I
            don't have a feel for how its brand new ownership would affect
            your experience.

            You are also right on the light rail line, and the Convention
            Center station (1/2 block from your hotel) should be reopened.
            This gives you pretty easy access to Mountain View (about 40 minutes) and also to Campbell (about 15 minutes). If you're there between Wednesday And Saturday, I'd be tempted to ride the light rail to Campbell and try either Restaurant O on Winchester (maybe 7 to 8 blocks from the Downtown Campbell station) or Twist Bistro on Campbell Ave (about 3 or 4 blocks from the station). Fare is $1.75 for a 2 hour ticket purchased in advance from a machine on the platform.

            One last thought:

            Chez TJ in Mountain View (very close to the light rail

            I've not included Manresa in Los Gatos because it might be
            hard for you to get to, but if you're up for a bit of a driving adventure, you might consider it.

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            1. re: taco_belle

              This thread was pointed to in a more recent thread so I have to update here.
              Skip A.P. Stumps, Arcadia, and Tied House. The first brought us out severely heat damaged wines, cancelled our reservations on us without calling us on one occasion, and substituted a fish I had ordered because they ran out and didn't ask me if I cared for the substitution. The second went way down hill in the past years, and the third brought out a hamburger when we ordered a cheeseburger. When we talked with the waitstaff on rectifying the matter, it took them forever and their solution was to bring out a slice of cheese.