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authentic NYC breakfast on Lexington Ave

Is anyone aware of a good, authentic American diner that serves breakfast on Lexington Avenue (somewhere between E37 and E38th Streets)? I want to take a first-time visitor to NYC to a typically American place. Thanks.

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  1. Penelope is not a diner but is a typically American place at 30th on Lexington.

    1. I can not remember name of the place but there was a diner I use to eat at all the time that was near 45/46th and Lex - had great american breakfasts -

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          If you mean Raffles, I believe it has closed.

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            It has closed. But maybe that's the place weinstein5 was thinking of. (Remains to be seen.)

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              I had breakfast once at Raffles a long time ago. If memory serves, it was on the corner of Lex & 49th.

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          Remebered the name of the place -

          Comfort Diner 214 E 45TH St


        3. Sarge's Deli is on 3rd Av., b/t 36th & 37th Sts. With its vast menu, including lots of breakfast options, it's more like a diner. Open 24/7.


          1. thanks alot everyone - I will probably try Sarge's Deli and the Comfort Diner - can't wait.

            1. I thought Sarge's had closed a while ago. Am I wrong?

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                Yes, Sarge's is up and running 24 hours a day...great stuff

              2. Where can we get a good breakfast near E.26th & Lexington

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                    -Penelope, on lexington and 30th st
                    -Pick a bagel on 2nd ave between 22nd and 23rd st
                    -Friend of a farmer on irving place b/w 18th and 19th st
                    -Mailiano for a more polished atmosphere

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                      Are you ONLY looking for diners like this post from 2007?

                      You might want to start your own thread with budget, day of week, what kind of breakfast (sweet vs savory, hot vs continental, etc), atmosphere, how long you're willing to wait / if reservations are a must. Rather than piggyback on a thread from seven years ago...

                    2. Scotty's Diner is on Lex at 40th. Fabulous, inexpensive typical diner breakfast.
                      Bloom's up the street has always been a disappointment.
                      Penelope's is great but not a typical diner type breakfast.