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Jan 9, 2007 03:11 PM

Traditional Paris bistro where I might not have the only kid in the room

We are going to Paris this weekend. We will have our 3 year-old with us, and most of our previous experience is pre-kid. We are interested in bistro food-- traditional is fine as long as it's good. We really enjoyed Le Regalade a few years ago, but the consensus seems to be that it's gone downhill. We also liked Taillevent and Au Tro Gascon, but I don't see taking a child there. Also, our budget has narrowed... any recommendations?

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  1. You won't have the only kid in the room at Lipp or Deux Maggots - if that's your ONLY criteria.

    Another bistro to try if your kid is good at restaurants Jean Claude Vrinat's wine bistro L'Angle du Faubourg (baby brother to Taillevent)

    Mon Viel Ami was low key enough to bring a kid to, if he/she can sit still for the whole meal (there's not much room to run around).

    also kidfriendly but not bistro is Le Bar à Huîtres. The location on St. Germain had several tables of kids in it when I was there and the servers were great with them. Also, unlike many Parisian restaurants, the tables are quite well spaced, with a true nonsmoking area including a couple tables which are quite tucked away (should kidlet be in the mood for a bit of a tantrum) The oysters are really really really terrific right now. The Fin de Clair No1 and the Les Perles No2 are some of the best oysters I've ever had. And I can recommend the grilled langostines / dublin prawns as some truly tasty morsels of sweetness

    1. We took our kids to Chez Denise last week, and the steak frites went over well. There were other children there, but not tourists, locals. They also did well at Brasserie Julien(part of the Flo group), as it is loud and they even had a kids menu.

      1. A good-quality restaurant where I've seen the most kids is La Gare (La Muette, in the 16th), which is flooded with families and kids for Sunday lunch. It is modernish in both style and cuisine, but very welcoming to youngsters.