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Jan 9, 2007 03:03 PM


Will be lunching at Teaism Penn Quarter soon -- anything to avoid at all costs? Anything particularly outstanding (besides the cookies, which don't sound all that appealing to me). Thanks for any and all advice.

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  1. Personally, I think Teaism -- at least the Teaism in Dupont -- does a great, really nice bento box. Each of the four items in the box, rice, chicken, veg, are prepared lovingly, and it's a great little meal.

    1. I love the salmon bento box (with rice, cucumber/ginger salad, and edamame) and get it most every time I go. The salty oak cookies are fabulous so give one of them a try. I have also enjoyed their Udon noodle soup with mussels and other seafood and have tried the palak paneer with rice (Indian spinach and a special cheese). Try the pearl jasmine tea. The scent is lovely. I go to the Penn Quarter one most often and love it there.

      1. I love the sweet potato salad and the curry lentil soup.

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          ditto on the lentil soup. When I'm there for lunch I get that and ginger scones and it's a filling meal.

          teaism gets a bad rap, but i've always enjoyed my treats there.

        2. I third the curry lentil soup. I had a vegetarian visiting me over the holidays and she kept wanting to go back for just the soup.

          1. Please don't pass up the Salty Oat cookies! They're really too good to forgo.

            The tea-cured salmon handroll bento box (with the sheets of nori, mayo, cabbage and daikon, and rice) is the way to go. It's far superior to the cooked salmon bento box. Snag a mango lassi and an order of ginger scones (ask for extra jam) and you're in for a delicious lunch!