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Jan 9, 2007 02:54 PM

Very Happy with Steve's on Newbury

Haven't been eating much Greek food since I moved to Boston from the NY/NJ area, but finally got around to getting takeout from Steve's on Newbury...we were VERY happy. Probably the best takeout meal I've had in the Back Bay since I moved here (we usually look to other neighborhoods).

We got three appetizers: feta and olives, stuffed grape leaves, and a big containers of their tzaziki. The olives and feta were great...the olives had a perfect briney smack. I really like their tzaziki...a bit on the thick side, but refreshing and garlicy with whole pieces of cucumber. They gave us a whole package of pita breads that went great with it. I also enjoyed putting dollops of it on the Grape Leaves, which, imho, were a little on the bland side. They were stuffed with ground beef, but needed a bit of flavor, maybe hot sauce would have helped.

The felafel was good, but not as good as Cafe Jaffa. Maybe next time I'll get the greek stuff from Steve's and the middle eastern from Jaffa. The hummous that came with it was lovely though.

The greek salad= fantastic! Probably even tastier than the kebabs that came over it, which were good nonetheless. We had chicken, beef, and lamb, of which the chicken was actually my favorite in something of a minor upset. Kebabs dont usually do to well for takeout as they get a bit cool and tough as they sit, but these were still very good. I was making little sandwiches out of pieces of pita, kebab, the tzaziki and some hot sauce that were scrumptious.

All in all, recommended. Not the best greek in the world maybe, but a nice find on very un-chowish Newbury St.

I do wonder, though, why Greek places and Middle Eastern places are more and more becoming indistinguishable. Are kebabs Greek or Middle Eastern, anyway?

Next time I'd like to try the Gyro platter, the calamari, and the homemade sausage.

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  1. Congratulations. You're one of two people on Chowhound who likes Steve's. (I'm the other!)

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      And I'm another, so there must be more than two! I worked in the neighborhood for 14 years, and Steve's was one of my favorite places for lunch, although it used to get absolutely packed which was a pain on a half-hour lunch break. I love their gyros, either as a platter with the very good Greek salad or in the sandwich form that came with wonderful homemade potato chips.

      1. When I worked closer to Faneuil Hall, I went often to that location of Steve's for their Greek Salad with grilled chicken for lunch and I have always liked them, especially their Greek dressing. Hmmm...maybe I'll head over there today for lunch.

        1. every so often i get a craving for falafel and always go to cafe jaffa and get very happy. last month i decided to give steve's a whirl. they must have dumped an entire jar of cinnamon in the mix. it tasted like french toast. yuk. ate a few bites, paid and left.

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          1. re: hotoynoodle

            I agree that it's not as good as Cafe Jaffa. But I didn't notice an offensive cinnamon taste.

            1. re: tamerlanenj

              it was so overwhelming, it had to have been a mistake, truly. but i couldn't believe nobody cooking it tested it, tasted it or smelled it. i smelled it as soon as the waitress put it on the table.

          2. I dont think Steve's greek salad is anything to wrtite home about, but I can't think of a better place to get a $6 sandwich or a meal for two under $30 in the Newbury Street area.

            I'm with you hiddenboston and tamerlanenj.

            1. Man, where were you guys a few months ago when I was talking about how much I liked Steve's? I took some serious hits that day! ;-b