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Jan 9, 2007 02:43 PM

slow food phoenix - anyone here a member?



i was just wondering if anyone here is a member. i am, i'm not usually at the simple soup suppers but i volunteer for most of the bigger events.

so, anyone involved or participate?

  1. is there a slow food phoenix? how great to know. i saw that there was a slow food cafe in prescott last time i was there. i love the slowfood movement and currently live in rural virginia so its quite enheartening to know that there would be a chapter if i do indeed relocate to prescott to join mr mango down there.

    1. There are several restaurants here in the Phoenix area that are slow food members:

      1. I'm on the email list but haven't gone to anything yet. I was a member for a year when we lived in New Orleans but it was fairly expensive and most of their events were in the middle of weekdays when I was at work, so I didn't get much out of it. Do you find the events here worthwhile?

        Sarah C

        1. I'm a member, transfer over from the Santa Fe convivium. We've not made it to anything yet, but have committed ourselves to being more active in 2007. The group seems active, the newsletter always has lots going on, both here and in Tucson. Soup suppers, events ... I think they're on par with what I'd expect.

          An intersting note for you foodies if you may have seen it around ... one of the co-leaders (Pamela) publishes a great local food magazine called Edible Phoenix.
          Lots of good references for locally available slow food and ideas for recipes.