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Jan 9, 2007 02:29 PM

Delivery to Washington Heights?

Anyone have recommendations for good spots that deliver way up in Washington Heights? (190th St.) I love the No. 1 Chinese and Tex-Mex but am doing it to death ... Ollie's will come up but they take forever and the food is usually soggy by the time it arrives. Need something new (perhaps with, you know, flavor) from any part of the world below 175th.

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  1. have you tried plugging your address into or to see what they come up with for your neighborhood?

    1. kuhinya (healthy pasta and veggies), el malecon (best roast chicken in the city), plus there's an indian place on 177th street that's good, bbq on 168th

      1. weezie recommended the same places i would have recommended.
        there will soon be a new indian takeout place called tawaa on w168. i am certain they will deliver.

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        1. Also had Joa last night -- new korean delivery place -- only have four dishes, but if you're dying for bul go ki it is a respectable option (it's really the only option up there I guess).

          I actually really liked the food but I want them to have bibimbop and they don't (but believe me this will go on our heavy ordering rotation list).

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            my friend tasted joa this week. this is the one who lived in korea for several years to teach english but she is not korean .
            anyway, she wasn't thrilled with the food. felt it needed more sauce. she also gave them lots of recommendations - bibimbop was definitely one of them. the guy said they were thinking of expanding but it was really empty in there. btw, try tawaa on w168 and brdwy. they just opened on monday. food is really, really good but they are extremely disorganized. it 's a "to go" place - only one counter with three stools.

              1. re: platypus

                i think it does. i will tell you for sure and send the website tomorrow when i am back in the office with the menu. google search was not helpful .

                1. re: nativeNYer

                  tawaa does deliver and i tried them friday night, and as nice as it is to have another indian place in the neighborhood, i wasn't thrilled. we got veg biryani and lamb tawaa masala, plus 2 breads and a carrot dessert. the biryani was pretty tasteless. the lamb was just okay. bread was the best thing. imo it's not as good as the place further north, which also delivers. i forget what it's called.

                  what did you order at tawaa that was really good? maybe we missed the best stuff.

                  1. re: platypus

                    i couldn't agree with you more, platypus . i had tried tawaa the second day it opened. the tikka chicken marsala was very good - nice chunks of white meat, prepared well and not fatty. the sauce and rice were also very good. since they had run out of the CTM, they made it for me while i waited. i was so thrilled to find a decent indian place near the office.

                    went again last week and found shreds of dark meat chicken and thin slices of dried up chicken in my container of what was supposed to be chicken tikka masala. no white meat at all. the server did not give me any sauce . just chicken lightly dipped in sauce on rice. it was pretty bad but i managed to eat it.

                    i gave them another week to catch their bearings figuring they need to figure out how to quickly replenish the chicken when it runs out. i just went down a half hour ago to find the chicken tikka tray nearly empty. the woman in the back attemped to fill it up with the shreds of what was there when i politely asked the manager and her to please give me white chunks of chicken. she kept insisting the chicken was there. the manager whispered to her, she turned around and took chicken from another tray. i really should have walked out right then and there.

                    i got back to my office. took 4 bites from 4 different pieces of chicken and nearly gagged. the entire tray is now in my garbage can and i ate the bread which happens to be very good . the chicken was fatty and tasted like the worst chicken i ever tasted. i couldn't even eat the rice which had the same fatty taste from the chicken.

                    i am done with this place unless i begin to hear that things have changed. i am hearing similar reviews on campus and the place was not nearly as packed as it was at this time of the day when it first opened. they need to get it together. they knew how to make it right the first time i tasted it.

                    1. re: platypus

                      The Indian place further north is Kismat/met (?). I think they're just OK as well. I've never had anything inedible from there, but I've never had anything really really good either.

            1. I have heard that this new mexican spot is good (takeout), although you have to make sure to at least be able to order in spanish.