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Jan 9, 2007 01:38 PM

Need recs for business dinner near 700 F St. NW


Any restaurant recommendations for a business dinner within walking distance of the Hotel Monaco, 700 F St. NW?


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  1. Capital Grille? Steakhouse on Penn Ave. on 6th and Penn.

    There are a multiple of other dining options in that area, but are probably not good for business dinners due to the extreme volume of conversations. Ruth's Chris is also nearby on 9th and H. I recommended steakhouses b/c they're generally more hush hush in the dining area. Both are a short walk from the hotel.

    1. You might try either Tosca ( at 1112 F St. or 701 Restaurant ( at 701 Penn Ave.

      1. Poste, actually inside of the hotel isn't terrible.

        1. Zola is right around the corner had a very nice atmosphere for a business dinner.