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Jan 9, 2007 01:34 PM


My dad (60 yrs old) and brother (24 yrs old) are coming into the city on the 19th. We are going to see a show at SOBs but I want to show them how fantastic the restaurants are in NYC. Nothing too expensive, and no Chinese.

Also SOBs in downtown, so please nothing uptown! HELP!!

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  1. If I was taking my father and brother anywhere, it would be a NYC steak house, and I'd probably pick Keens.

    1. Go to Blue Smoke. Something for everyone. The menu is safe (meat), the place is lively (like a good NYC place), and it's not too expensive.

      Stanton Social is not haute cuisine, but it always pleases my out-of-town guests. And it's downtown.

      1. Salt (located at 58 MacDougal) is a great example of New York excellence.

        1. Salt is a good rec; v v cramped, though. Don't know your budget, but here are some within a short walk of SOBs: Raoul's (if you go light on the wine, it need not be expensive), Cub Room (Bro will love the bar scene),Brothers'(pretty typical BBQ), Cafe Noir (aint nuthin' like it back home), Jane Steet Pub (usual saloon fare in a very local establishment.

          1. I went with my dad and brother to the enoteca at Del Posto a month or so ago and we all liked it a lot. You can get a 4 course prix fixe for $41, but the a la carte prices are reasonable too.

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              These are great recs. Thanks. Keens is too far north. I was thinking something with the atmosphere of Extra Virgin or Stanton Social. but please, keep the recommendations coming!