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Jan 9, 2007 01:09 PM

dinosaur kale recipes?

I have some beautiful dinosaur kale (cavolo nero) but have never cooked it before? What are your favorite preparations?

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  1. I made a gratin recently with black kale, potatoes, leeks and gruyere. Yummy.

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        It wasn't from a recipe, but here's what I think I did -- I sauteed the leeks, added the chopped kale and steamed with a lid on. Meanwhile, cooked potatoes until just done and cut into slices. Everything in a baking dish with some grated gruyere, a gravy/sauce made with a roux (can't remember if I used butter or olive oil...) some veggie bouillon cubes and water, and salt and pepper. Or that's my memory (which is terrible, but better with food than other things :-). Simple, but yummy. Sorry for not having more specifics.

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          thank you dog!
          i appreciate it, and will try this as I just bought kale for the first time!!

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            I realized yesterday that I forgot to say, "bake until bubbly and browned! Oops -- but I'm sure you got that anyway!

    1. I often just sautee it in olive oil with garlic. Simple, but soooo good. It's good in soup as well, as it doesn't just become a watery green.

      1. I like to use it in a simple pasta sauce; I don't measure, but I think the amounts are close to:

        1-2 onions (chopped)
        garlic (chopped)
        1 box of cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
        1 head of dino kale (rough chop, biggest part of the rib removed)
        1-2 c white wine

        sweat the onions in oil or broth until they're pretty soft and most of the liquid is cooked away, add the tomatoes and sear them (may need to turn up the heat here), stir a lot. Add the kale and stir some more. When the kale is almost cooked, add the wine (to get those tomato bits up and to bring together as a sauce). Add the garlic. Cook until it's saucy (instead of just juicy). I like to serve this with gnocchi, but that's probably breaking some ancient law. It's good with wwheat pasta too. Better with bite-sized pasta because the sauce is chunky.

        1. This is what I've done recently with kale:

          Sautee fennel and shallots in olive oil, add kale, fennel seeds, and a little lemon....cook until kale is reduced and both fennel and kale are softened....five minutes or so. Add a little sea salt (or, better yet, smoked sea salt) and you're golden.

          I also did a refrigerator reclamation project (clean out the refrigerator!) involving kale. Bought a pound o' shrimp on sale, seasoned with celery seeds, a dried fennel citrus mix (get the fennel theme?), and celery seeds, all ground together. Sauteed shitake mushrooms, leeks, a little garlic (I think), a little fresh ginger, threw in the kale and then after it reduced, added the seasoned shrimp. Squeezed a little lemon juice while cooking, added some parsley, and took it out after the shrimp had cooked for about three minutes (if that). Then I deglazed the pot with some white wine, reduced that, and poured the remainder over the shrimp kale mix. Admittedly, it sounds unusual (I would never have thought to add kale to a stir-fry) but it worked very very well!

          Have fun!

          1. I love kale (dino and otherwise) thinly sliced and added along with the pasta to the boiling water when making Carbonara. The richness of the sauce and the flavor and healthfulness of the kale seem to balance each other nicely.