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Jan 9, 2007 01:06 PM

Tappo Wine Bar & Restaurant

I've heard wonderful things - who has a review? What is the food like? The crowd?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Looks like the same old boring attempt at lame north american italian food "a la Mulberry Street". When will someone create a true italian restaurant that we can all be proud of:)
      I will check it out this weekend...and have a full review by Sunday.

      1. food was standard. decor was typical distillery. service was poor - slow, servers had attitude, manager could care less.

        1. I agree with the other posts. The portions are smallish (which is not necessarily a bad thing), prices I find are high for what you get. There isn't anything overly creative. It is standard tasting food, but with all the other places around, I won't be heading back soon. Wine list was being overhauled, so there was a lot of confusion when we went. As for the wine prices, I rarely order, but I did notice that a $7 bottle of wine from the LCBO was being sold for about $40. I would assume thats probably par for the course?

          1. @mettle:

            You nailed it. A colleague of mine worked with Tappo to set up an event when it was very new and thought that the poor organization, service and management was due to the newness factor. Turns out after all this time that it's just the way Tappo is run.

            Tappo is a vanity project funded by a professional hockey player. The manager's background isn't restaurants/hospitality, it's construction. Knowing those facts explains a lot...