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Jan 9, 2007 01:01 PM

HELP!!!!! Planning Wife's 30th Birthday Party (in Atlanta)

I am planning my wife's 30th birthday party in March. It falls on a Saturday so I really want to do something special. I am located on the south side of town but I am looking into doing something more downtown or around town (i'm open) with friends. I'm not looking to go broke over this so a few hundred bucks is fine.

I was looking into something simple with friends (about 30 people maybe). I'm checking out Sambuca's now. Looking for a little dancing or good music, food--just a nice (kind of mellow night). I'm not against the "club" but I have a few older people coming so it might not be the best move. Just a night out for the special wonderful woman of my life....She deserves the best.

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  1. Eclipse di Luna has a good atmosphere and they are really good with groups. Tapas, good drink prices, music and dancing are all found here and the crowd is very mixed - lots of older folks, lots of younger folks, no "club" atmosphere.

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      That is exactly what I was thinking. A friend of mind did his wife's birthday there a few years ago and it was a great time. They had a private room that was right behind the bar area, where they set out an assortment of tapas that they continually refreshed. You could talk with friends and guests in the room where it is quieter, yet also go hang out in the main room and listen to the music and watch the scene if you wanted.