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Jan 9, 2007 12:56 PM

The Restaurant, Woburn

I haven't been yet, but I heard from some family members that The Restaurant (in Woburn), which was recently renovated, is a terrific place to go for Greek food. I believe it is a little like the Brothers Restaurants north of Boston, in which you can get all kinds of comfort food, both Greek and American.

I'm hoping to get up there in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone been there lately?

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  1. I didn't find this restaurant to be anything special (overcooked rice, soggy salad)...I guess it's a nice/different addition for the 'hood which is sorely lacking a sit-down, casual, non-bar, non-pizza joint.

    1. I think The Restaurant is just okay, but i like their french fries and their jalepeno hamburgers. the cooks are fun, light hearted characters and they have a kids menu that is fairly cheap with large portions for a kid -sometimees i order off the kids menu. i find the breakfast there to be just okay, but then again i am very hard to please when it comes to breakfast. i thought their pancakes were not good (dry, sort of heavy), eggs were overcooked.

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        It is an odd sort of place. It's clean and large- which I like, very noisy when busy - not so good. Most food is okay. But I've had excellent fried haddock. And a dish of scallops with spinach over risotto had risotto that was salty but the spinach was nicely sauteed and the scallops - large sea that I love were seared perfectly. So who knows. It won't kill you, probably won't thrill you - but it will fill you !

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          Ha, ha, ha...

          Did you make up that last line yourself? I hope you don't mind if I steal it.

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          ugh. i went back yesterday for more fries and they have changed their fries!!! they arent good anymore. double ugh

        3. The folks at The Restaurant used to own a place where a friend of mine was a daily regular (I never went). The owner/chef, Peter, used to be at the now-closed Trackside in Wakefield; he sold it to another owner who ran it (into the ground). I can't remember exactly what my friend said, but the family IS from Greece and I believe there's a brother or cousin who owns another restaurant in the general area. My friend loves The Restaurant, so I've been there a few times but couldn't tell you if my life depended on it what I had there....not bad, just forgettable - then again, my friend will only eat underseasoned, uncomplicated dishes.