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Jan 9, 2007 12:54 PM

Lunch near Kaiser on Sunset


I will be working for a few weeks at Kaiser on Sunset and Vermont...have strictly one hour for lunch...suggestions??? (any cuisine/price)

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  1. Fat Burger is within walking distance on the corner of Vermont and Hollywood.

    1. There is a Thai place behind the Burrito King (?) (they have Mexican food and fruit juices) that is pretty good. It is on either Kenmore or Alexandria (west of where you are) 1/2 block north of Sunset. You could also hop over to Ye Rustic Inn (a bar) for their great Buffalo Wings. There are some places on West Sunset, south of Fountain. Just keep in mind all the construction and that there can be delays.

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      1. re: WildSwede

        Actually, the Thai place I THINK you're talking about is behind the Burrito King KNOCK-OFF burrito place (either a "Los Burritos" or a "Dos Burritos").

        It serves mostly thai BBQ chicken, is called something like CHIX HIX THAI BBQ, and keeps only lunch hours. It's pretty good.

        It is also my impression that there are many groups of Kaiser folks who select a "designated Zankou fetcher" to bring back huge to-go orders.

        1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

          Exactly! That is the one. It faces the little street. I like their Pad Thai just fine. Evert time I have to go to LAMC that is where I eat - close and you can walk! My friend and I were just talking about it today and she gets all of their noodle dishes and mentioned that next time she goes, she is going to get a rice dish that "sounds good" and has all kinds of veggies in it.

          1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

            Kaiser also sends out doctors to pick up big orders at Sanamuluang...I have to say I felt the late night patients would be better cared for when I saw all the sustaining noodles their caregivers would eating.

          2. re: WildSwede

            If you feel like getting into your car, you can drive to Guatemalteca (Guatemalan food) for their wonderful Chuchitos (chicken and red-sauce tamales) or any of their other mouth-watering offerings from their steam table. So good and inexpensice - though parking can be a bear.


            Guatemalteca Bakery
            4032 Beverly Blvd
            Los Angeles, CA 90004
            (213) 382-9451

          3. Square One, on Fountain, behind the Scientology Center. There is a Zankou at Sunset and Normandie if you want to drive.

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            1. re: sku

              THANK YOU (and to everyone). I went to Square One yesterday and will DEFINITELY be returning. I had a nicely-done omelet and the service was pleasant. Breakfast all day, going beyond the traditional fare and including treats like bourbon-pecan frensh toast :-) Nice and bright interior and patio. YAY!

              1. re: running pig

                The Bourbon french toast is to die for. Also love the smoked salmon eggs benedict and the grits.

                Also, in the same strip mall where the Fatburger is, on Vermont north of Sunset, I noticed that there is a sign for Yai Thai restaurant coming soon, which assuming it is realted to the other Yais, is a great Thai place.

            2. Paru's (vegetarian Indian) might be open for lunch. Just west of Normandie on the south side of Sunset. Normandie is pretty close to Kaiser, just a few short blocks, so it might be quicker to walk to Zankou/Paru's.

              There is also a restaurant on Fountain just east of Edgemont that has gotten some good press - I think that it's called Square One?

              If you walk north to Hollywood Blvd. you can go to Antojito Denises (just west of Edgemont on the south side of Hollywood)


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              1. re: Bon Vivant

                Walked by Paru's today (Friday) for lunch and they were locked up with no sign of being open.

                1. re: Bon Vivant

                  I drove by Antojito Denises yesterday and it looked like it was closed for good.


                2. I would recommend Casa Diaz, a taco stand with great carnitas and a yummy fried banana plate (with black beans and sour cream). It's on the south side of Hollywood, just a smidge east of Vermont.

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                  1. re: eriny

                    Casa Diaz has a GREAT chili relano borrito!