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Jan 9, 2007 12:31 PM

A Great Cheap Breakfast in the East Village

Let me know--have some days off and looking forward to wandering out for breakfast-

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  1. clinton st baking co has wonderful breakfast, but not super-cheap. its worth checking out, though. cozy, sunny room, nice service, a real neighborhood place.

    teresas on 2nd ave has good cheap food. i'd avoid veselka at all costs: it's crowded, loud, disorganized and the food is terrible.

    1. i like breakfast at Cafe Mogador...lots of middle eastern egg specials and good multigrain pancakes too...

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      1. re: Simon

        mogador is wonderful, as is cafe orlin up the street on st. mark's between 1st and 2nd. i'm not sure if caffe della pace (7th btw 1st and 2nd aves) is open for breakfast on weekdays, but if so it's worth a visit. it's a very pleasant place to linger over coffee.

        1. re: wleatherette

          Are you remembering Caffe Della Pace from several years ago? It's Via Della Pace now, a very different place. I don't go there, for non-food-related reasons, so I have no further comment on it.

          1. re: Pan

            yes, i think i am. i haven't been in since i moved back after a while away. thanks for pointing out the changel

      2. Love Clinton St. Baking Co. But for cheap food, I enjoy 7A (skip the prix fixe--the mimosas are watery anyway) for their eggs and french toast. If I recall correctly, one can eat well for about 6-7 bucks. Alias was nice too--they have grits.

        1. I love Teresa's, although it's on 1st Avenue, not 2nd. Odessa on Avenue A near Tompkins Sq. is a diner through and through, but the food is actually really good. Nothing says breakfast to me like a diner. A place on my radar is Dynasty on 14th & B. Another highly rated diner, it's been on my list for months. Then sure, enough, when I finally got to it, it was closed for a two day remodel! Damnit. If you go, let us know what you think!

          If you want to know about places open for weekend brunch, I might have a few different places in mind.

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          1. re: psmalera

            wait... dynasty? the place that's been there forever? is it under new management or ownership or something? we used to go there some time ago after the bars closed, and even when blind drunk the food was damn near inedible. my friend was served still-frozen mozz sticks once, and i'll never forget the time that a knife-throwing fight broke out between two tables of girls from the houses. the staff were loath to get involved until one of them grabbed a full bus pan with the intention of dumping it on the head of another. we had to hide under our booth.

            1. re: psmalera

              Odessa? Good? What do you like there? For the record, I gave up on that place a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago!

              Teresa's, yes, they're reliable, though the last time I ordered pancakes, I was disappointed that they were out of real maple syrup and I had to use sugar (the waitress was cooperative and brought confectioner's sugar for me, which I guess is what was available in the kitchen). I do like Mogador better, though.

              And someone likes 7A? I went there for brunch once years ago and was totally underwhelmed. Isn't that more of a scene place than a place for real food?

            2. Let me strongly second the mention of 7A... The place is a little grungy, but it works fo the neighborhood. Excellent Omelette with black olives.