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Jan 9, 2007 11:57 AM

Any updates on restaurants in Ashland?

I'll be going thru Ashland in a few weeks. Any suggestions? Any cuisine is fine. The postings on Ashland look a little old.

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  1. Thai Pepper on main street. More fusin than straight thai, but very nice. Try the Tiger Rolls.

    Standing Stone Brewery. Good mix of good beer and good food. Most brew pubs seem to do one or the other, well, but not both. SS does decent for both.

    Beasy's on the Creek. My personal favorite.

    Chateaulin. The nicest atmosphere.

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    1. re: lgphil

      Thanx, that gives me some options. Sometimes when I ask about the smaller towns I don't get much input. Is Chateaulin that older looking french place on the main street?

    2. Yes. Attached to a wine shop on the park side of the street.

      1. Hi Emily, things don't change much in the winter. It's townie time.
        If you're passing through in February, Omar's has Fresh Live Oyster Month-
        "At least 6 varieties of fresh Pacific and Puget Sound in-shell oysters, prepared in a variety of styles."
        Morning Glory for Breakfast,
        And the Bar Eats at the Peerless and Omar's are both worth a detour.
        Concur on Thai Pepper.
        Inti's for Tacos in Talent.
        Also-Elements in DT Medford where Samovar used to be.
        A Wine and Tapas Bar.Haven't been, but reports are good.

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        1. re: bbqboy

          Given it's the off-season, this may not be of concern to you, and it's possible that things have changed in recent years, but I and my friends had to give up on Thai Pepper a long time ago because, no matter how early we went to the restaurant, the service was so slow that we were always worried that we wouldn't make it to the theatre before curtain.

          Note also that our last experience at Chateaulin was pretty disappointing. We'd had some great meals there, but two summers ago it seemed distinctly lackluster. I suspect this is a minority opinion, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

          1. re: Laurella

            I'll agree with both those comments--we stopped going to Thai Pepper several years ago, I think because of bad service (it's been so long now that I don't remember the actual infraction!). We often go to Chateaulin for drinks after the shows, and it seems like they haven't changed their dessert menu in the 10+ years we've been going there. I think we don't go there for dinner because it doesn't seem terribly interesting.

        2. Morning Glory for breakfast/brunch. (They close around 2pm I think) The portobello burger made me cry.

          Amuse is fantastic (but expensive) (but fantastic)
          Same for Biazzi.

          1. Thanx all for your responses. I'm on my way to a chefing job and a whole new life in Portland. And I know there's no shortage of good grub in that berg!

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            1. re: Emily Ford

              Emily - if you are a professional CH, please see if you can get into these two:

              Peerless Restaurant (under new chef direction, but nice)

              New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro
              2210 S. Pacific Hwy
              Talent (just north of Ashland

              New Sammy's is a very small, cozy restaurant in an unlikely location. The wine list is remarkable and the cuisine not something you expect to find in the location. This was a recommendation of the sommelier from Higgins in Portland, OR.

              I don't think you would be disappointed in either.

              1. re: SanseiDesigns

                Sammy's just expanded from 6 tables to 12. New facade. Peerless is doing good things right now.