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Jan 9, 2007 08:30 AM

Need recs for Eat on Sunset

Going to eat on sunset tomorrow for a business lunch. I haven't seen any recent postings about the place, has anyone been recently? What are recommended dishes? TIA.

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  1. little confuse on that called sunset? or location on sunset?

      1. I had a nice lunch there once...good butternut squash soup with ricotta dumplings :-)

        1. I had lunch there yesterday. There weren't very many people there, and I was disappointed they weren't seating outside, as it was a beautiful day.

          I had the BLT, which was served on grilled brioche. It was pretty good. It comes with homemade potato chips, which were okay, but way too much. I would have preferre half a serving, and some fries along with it.

          My friend had the hamburger, which looked very good, and was served with seasoned fries. It was ordered medium well, and looked a little dry. I think I would order it medium rare.

          The service was outstanding. Both the waitress and the busboy were very attentive, but not overwhelming.