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Jan 9, 2007 07:07 AM

Moving to Denver - Need a Welcome Dinner Destination

My fiance and I are moving to Denver. I'm already here and she arrives in 3 weeks. I need a great place for dinner on a Friday night to welcome her to town. Prefer amazing food in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. We love Frasca in Boulder. Something along those lines would be great. But doesn't have to be Italian. Just killer food, great wine in a laid back place with attentive, down to earth service.

Can anyone help? Thanks a ton.

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  1. My favorite place for a romantic/special occasion dinner in Denver is probably Mizuna. (Don't wait to long to make reservation.)

    Or Barolo Grill (Northern Italian. No web site.


    There is also old favoite

    Or Bistro Vendome- very nice Atmosphere in Larimer Square.

    I also really like Deluxe. Very small and comfortable on South Broadway. My favorite place in Denver right now.

    None of these places are stuffy or formal. Welcome to Denver!

    1. This is great. Thanks for the information. Already am holding a reservation at Mizuna so I'm all good there. Can you help me out with more information on Deluxe by chance? How does the food compare to Mizuna? I've heard good things but it doesn't look like they have a website to check out further. Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.

      1. Another Denver thread included a recommendation for Restaurant Kevin Taylor. I didn't mention it initially because 'rskubic' asked for 'relaxed, comfortable, down-to-earth." RKT is formal/fancy, lovely and has really exceptional food.

        Another Denver restaurant you might consider is Panzano in the Hotel Monaco, downtown. A long-time Denver favorite that has, frankly, had mixed reviews lately is Strings. Wonderful owner with a real sense of community and generosity. For a classic corner of France, try Le Central, also a long-running local favorite.

        1. Unfortunatly no web site.

          Here are a couple of reviews/blurbs that are not to old that explain the food better then I could.

          I think Mizuna probably has a much better wine list and might be closer to a Frasca type place. They also have valet parking (parking can be a pain at both places.) Deluxe is also much less expensive if you want to factor that in. I would probably stick with Mizuna and keep Deluxe in mind for your second night out!

          I would also second Le Central. I live nearby and at their on a pretty regular basis. I can't believe I forgot to mention them. But I would probably put them on the list to try later if you like French food.

          1. What I was trying to say is Mizuna is where my fiance tend to go for special occasions- once or twice a year type place (I wouldn't describe Mizuna as real fancy - just a little more expensive and harder to get a reservation). While Deluxe and LeCentral (and a few other places) we tend to go on a more regular basis when we want great food and service without spending to much. (We also live in the area and tend to stick close by). Hope that helps your decision making process! Let us know where you go and what you think.