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Jan 9, 2007 06:07 AM

Whole Foods

I was thinking of running into a Whole Foods store tomorrow after an appt, to take to work. What do they have that is good and convenient?

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  1. Sushi is generally good...chili is really good too.

    1. you know they all seem to be a tad different, but their salad bar is always great, the items on the hot bar are touch & go.

      I had a great stuffed portabella mushroom & some orzo for lunch today that was great. Last night though, I had some semi-decent mushroom lasagne, but a triangle of "mandarin tofu" was blech. (please note i love tofu enough to eat it raw & plain).

      the other items they have behind the counters are great as well. I must say, avoid going at rush hour if you can help it, no matter where you live.

      1. ps. i meant to point out that my lunch was in durham, nc and dinner in raleigh, nc and even both those stores have variances in food.

        1. it all depends on what whole foods you are going to. i absolutely LOVE their salad bar thougH! they have some really unique things that are always delicious. I do agree about the hot bar. It can be very hit or miss. I had some good Indian at one of them the other day!

          1. I love their Chili and Pizza's

            Also, the Creme Brule French Toast on the Breakfast Hot Bar is good.