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Jan 9, 2007 05:51 AM

Bar Americain or Marseille for Brunch on Sunday

Need some feedback on those two and other similar suggestions welcome.Good food and service a must.


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  1. Definitely stay away from Bar Americain. The one time I went for lunch it was horrible and over priced. Would never go back again.

    1. I am a big fan of marseille.

      1. Bar Americain -- absolutely avoid! I do like Marseille.

        Another great spot for brunch is West Bank Cafe. Delicious food. Friendly, efficient service. Attractive, comfortable ambiance.

        1. I like Marseille. However my absolute favorite brunch is at Ouest on the Upper West Side. $25 gets you two courses AND a basket of pastries (including mini muffins stuffed with molten bananas) AND coffe or tea. Egg was poached as well as they poach'em. The first time my main course was a breaded fried poached egg over duck carpaccio, prefaced by granola in sweet cream. The second time was an ethereal egg roulade filled with this and that and hollandaised, prefaced by a well composed salad.

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            Sounds fab and I was planning on trying it, but now need UES location.