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Jan 9, 2007 05:37 AM

SF Hound looking for a Cuban Sandwich on Upper West Side

We just don't have them out here. Where are some good ones on the uws? Thanks.

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  1. While opinions will vary I've always enjoyed those at Cafe Con Leche (the location on Amsterdam between 80th and 81st). In fact it may be the best item they serve. Be sure they include the garlic sauce and hot sauce both. Good batidos too (including mamey and papaya). Got to get back there!

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    1. re: burton

      I like the place. Their pescado al limon is damn good.

    2. My recommendation is the Cubano at La Floridita on Broadway just north of 125th street. It's similar to the Cubano at El Margon in midtown.

      1. el presidente on w165 and brdwy. others who know better may agree. i've tried other places up there but prefer these - great bread, heavenly cheese and decent meat.

        1. i much prefer la nueva espana (177 and St. Nicholas) or even el malecon (176 and B'way) as opposed to Presidente, for all things caribbean, including the Cubano.

          1. Have heard good things about the cubano at La Flor de Broadway on 137th & Bway, but when I tried to go last month, they were apparently moving down the block and had yet to re-open. Anybody know the story on that place?