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Jan 9, 2007 04:53 AM

Charlotte/SC Liquor stores

I'll be in Charlotte this weekend and looking to stock up my liquor cabinet. Any ABC stores in charlotte have a better or wider variety than usual. I plan to visit the store just over the border by Carowinds, is it really worth the trip? Or are there any places to visit in Rock Hill etc that may be worth the detour?


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  1. The ABC on Park Road near Woodlawn is sort of the commission's "flagship" store in Charlotte. The ABC focuses its marketing efforts there, so the selection is usually better than ABCs in other parts of the city.
    Unfortunately, having state-controlled liquor stores does effect selection and price. So yes, a trip to Frugal McDoogal on Carowinds Boulevard is definitely worth the time, especially if you want anything out of the ordinary. They have a much better selection, particularly in specialty liqueurs.
    Frugal also has a good wine and beer department. (Under S.C. law, it has to be housed separately, so you have to pay for your liquor, then leave and reenter through another door to go to the beer and wine store.)
    However, if you are interested in beer and wine, there are several stores in Charlotte that are worth a visit. For beer, don't miss Brawley's Beverage, which is just down the street from the Park Road Shopping Center ABC. Also the Wine Shop on Park Road is worth a visit, and Winestore near SouthPark is a lot of fun.

    1. If you happen to be in the Ballantyne area, a convenient choice would be Southern Spirts, just south of the border on Rt. 521.

      Same prices as Frugul, not quite as good a selection.