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Jan 9, 2007 04:24 AM

Edna's #1 Columbia SC

Finally tried Edna's chilidog and a cheeseburger basket and wasn't disappointed. The dog was good but I admit I'm no expert.

The burger was large, with just enough grease from the griddle to make it very tasty. Comes with lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup and mustard. Good enough to go back for more.

Fries were nice but adding salt helped.

Located on River Drive, the lunch line included a nice variety of folks. I'll be back.

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  1. Several of my friends who live in the area (Earlewood/Eau Claire) go there pretty regularly (there and Pierre's). They say Edna's is their regular destination when they crave good old-fashioned gut bombs. I will definitely have to stop by... I live in Shandon and Rosewood Dairy Bar is the haunt - I guess maybe because it's a two block walk. The burgers and fried chicken definitely fit the bill there but the cole slaw is wretched... actually it isn't too bad if you add lots of vinegar (otherwise it's basically mayo and cabbage sludge).

    1. It's amazing that place is still there. I have been there a couple of times for a burger and sat at the picnic tables with an eclectic bunch. It is an experience. There was a place right at the fork in the road across from Edna's that was a Chinese place and I had my first salt shrimp there - eat the whole thing shell and all and it was wonderful. The woman used to scream at the staff - literally. Gee, that was about 15 years ago. Since it's Edna's #1, is there more than one? I couldn't imagine.

      1. Deibu, I enjoy Rosewood Dairy Bar too. Edna's is a similar set-up but in a bit iffier part of town. I still haven't ventured to Pierre's.

        I also wonder if there was ever an Edna's # 2. Since River Drive/Broad River Road were the route to Lake Murray before I-26 was built, that little intersection must have been a jumping place. It's rather sad now.

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        1. re: Ellen of SC

          I have always wondered about #2 also! Love Edna's #1 - it's the closest spot like that to me besides Zesto, and I have to admit, sometimes I get that craving for a good greasy burger. Others in the area that I love are Mack's on Laurel and the Palmetto Sandwich Shop on Sumter. And of course, Eddie's on Assembly. When I lived in Shandon and Rosewood, loved Rosewood Dairy Bar too - just don't make it over that way much for lunch.

          1. re: Ellen of SC

            I go to Edna's all the time. In fact, I went there for lunch yesterday. It's perfectly safe. Just an eclectic crowd, that's all.

            Edna's is far superior to the Dairy Bar. You know, a lot of people would say (wrongly) that Rosewood is an "iffy" part of town, too!

            1. re: UrDaddy

              Forgot about this thread - have had Edna's since I lasted posted in 07 and gotta say you're right - its definitely superior! Next couple of weeks I'll be working around N Main area - need to remember to stop by - gotta try the chili dogs too!

              1. re: deibu

                Edna's rules! Try finding something quicker and better around Cottontown and North Main - it cannot be beat!