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Jan 9, 2007 04:21 AM

cheap seafood and great place to stay this long weekend

looking for lobster steamed lots of it and cheap maybe with clams, shrimp. Also great calamari at different place. looking for possiable bed and breakfast great food nice room hot tub. first visit to Boston what should we not miss seeing(Kids are staying home)

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  1. There is a B&B on Charles Street (Beacon Hill) for less than $100 that is quite nice but can't recall name. Nearby is Artu for the rosat lamb and eggplant sandwich or light pasta dishes and the Paramount for breakfast. For steamed lobster clams etc,the Barking Crab is convenien to downtown and OK and near the new Institute of Contemporary Art. Also would recommend Peach Fram in Chinatown for excellent Chinese preparations of seafood. Calamari is everywhere these days, but Daily Catch in the North End is good.

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      Depends if you're looking for NE steamed lobster or w/ginger & scallions at a place like Peach Farm or East Ocean Wealth in Chinatown, where you'll probably find the most reasonable prices for seafood & where you can pick out your choices still swimming. Calamari is good there too, but for an Italian prep, I also say,try the Daily Catch on Hanover Street in the Northend. B&B, La Capella, in the Northend would be fun place to base yourself.

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        Yeah, I happen to really like Daily Catch on Hanover Street for calamari (superior to the other DC locales).

    2. You don't mention when you are coming, but the best places for steamed lobster are up north. Chauncey Creek in Kittery Point, ME being my favorite.

      My fav seafood place in Boston is Neptune Oyster in the North End. They don't do steamed lobster (I've never seen it on the menu), but they have amazing fried clams and a stellar raw bar.

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        Chauncey Creek is closed for the winter. I don't think they re-open until Mother's Day weekend.

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          That's right.
          I didn't notice the 'this long weekend' in the topic title.

        2. re: tallullah

          Neptune is great, but NOT cheap. If you can resign yourself to spending lots before you even walk in, it will be worth it, but not otherwise.

        3. For quantity and LOW prices, trek out to Belle Isle in East Boston. Certainly a far cry from fancy, but you'll get your fill of really fresh fish and shellfish.

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          1. re: Bostonbob3

            Don't forget Belle Isle is cash only. And I once got an "off" lobster there.

            1. re: eLizard

              thanks for the $ info how many times have you had good lobster at Belle Isle?

              1. re: chefmom

                Well, we indirectly know the owner and he is a good hard-working person (definitely a family-run joint). If any *bad* lobsters/food are being served, that is purely unintentional.

          2. Dailuy Catch is great but it's mostly a calamari joint as I recall.
            This place is on the wharf and have been eating there for 20 years.
            Cheap, great, The classic Boston Seafood joint.

            No Name Restaurant

            15 Fish Pier Street West
            Boston, Massachusetts 02210-2008

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              Sorry, but I would never recommend No Name. Too touristy and the food, IMO, is just average.

              Same for Union Oyster but food downgraded to poor.

              Village Catch in Brookline is good and cheap but has only seafood no non-fish alternatives. The Barking Crab is fun and the food is actually pretty good.

            2. Folks, please help us keep this board focused on finding good chow in Boston. Discussions of where to stay are off topic for our site. Thanks.

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       is a good place to inquire about places to stay. (They discuss chow over there, too, but not very well, IMHO!)