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Jan 9, 2007 03:17 AM

LA Hound needs Napa Recs

I will be going up to Napa with my boyfriend in February for his birthday. We will be staying at The Cottages of Napa Valley for 2 days and 1 night so we'll have to make it a short but sweet getaway. For you Hounds that are familiar with this area, can you please make some suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I'd like to make it special but my budget is somewhat limited. I'd say I'll be able to spend up to $120 for dinner.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have you done a search for Napa on this board yet? You will find many, many helpful suggestion already here for you.

    1. Pilar on Main street downtown Napa, not to be missed. Great food, according to market. Lunch is a great deal.

      1. Don Giovanni is pretty special if you can get out there during the daytime (if the weather is decent) and it won't cost you an inheritance. Otherwise, places like Tra Vigne or Zuzu are good. I even like Celadon on the even cheaper end for lunch.

        I'd avoid Cole's Chop House, though. Like many steakhouses, you'll get fleeced before you make it past the appetizers -- wondering why everything is so overpriced.

        1. Any more details on what makes Pilar so special? You've piqued my interest, and am looking for recs for Napa for a dinner there next week.

          1. Pilar is pretty consistently getting top ratings for being innovative and exceptional. Pilar herself was the head chef of the CIA (pretty unusual for a woman) and her husband, Didier, was the head chef of Meadowood resort.