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Apr 21, 2005 05:27 PM

Best CSA vegetable/fruit home delivery?

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Do you have a preference and why?

I live in San Mateo and don't know who delivers to the Peninsula...

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  1. Funny as I just received my Farm Fresh to You delivery about five minutes ago and was going to post a thanks to this board for introducing me to CSAs. I've had my service for a few weeks now and adore it. The produce is fresh and have a much higher quality of flavour and taste than anything I ever got at Whole Foods and the like.
    I think Fram Fresh to you is a bit more expensive than some of the other CSAs that have the pick-up option. But I like the convenience of it right to my door. You can also check SFGate as they had an article a while back on a bunch of CSAs.


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      I second the vote for FFTY. I tried them for a few weeks, then Organic Express. FFTY definitely has the better tasting vegetables. You don't get a whole lot for $30, but it tastes great--especially the carrots. They are better than any carrots I'd ever tasted--light, crispy, airy, flavorful. I never cooked a single one, because I was so happy just eating them raw.

      I ultimatelly quit the service because the farmers market in SF is so wonderful this time of year, and cheaper than any CSA. But if I had to choose one, or had the money, I would do FFTY again.

        1. re: vliang

          One thing worth noting is that Farm Fresh to You is not a 100% CSA service. They are a produce delivery service that provides a mix of local and out of area produce (sometimes even out of country). Their quality is generally good, but if you are interested in a CSA because you want to support only local farmers, then you'll want to look into the other options.

          1. re: Shane Greenwood

            FYI Farm Fresh to You recently started offering a Locavore box, which contains only fruit and/or veggies from the Capay Valley - presumably most from their own farm.

            I did not know that they shipped in produce from out of the country - I am shocked. I get their big mixed box every two weeks and the food always seems to follow our seasons very closely.

            1. re: originalfig

              I received cilantro that was tagged from Mexico right before I cancelled the service. The Locavore box sounds like a smart addition to their line-up.

        2. We are loyal to Full Belly Farm (also in Capay Valley - Google Full Belly Farm). I just re-read the following and saw that it was waaaaay too long....too lazy to edit.

          We and a bunch of freinds have been getting weekly boxes for several years.

          Everything is from their own farm (except occasional treats such as oranges and walnuts from neighboring organic farms).

          They also have fantastic carrots, potatoes, onions and beets. Their salad mix keeps for several days (not like the limp stuff you find even in fancy markets). They also have whole wheat flour, sun-dried onions and tomatoes and fantastic fresh tomatoes and corn in summer (though you need to get used to cutting off the wormy tops of the corn sometimes. We just finished some lovely fresh fennel tonight.

          Anyhow, we love the place. The box comes with a nice little newsletter.

          They deliver to Menlo Park, Mountain View and Palo Alto - you have to pick up the box at a site in one of those places (I think it's on Saturday). The box was $14.50 the last time I looked. It's a great bargain. I'd highly recommend. They used to have a waiting list of a couple of months...don't know about now.

          It gets a little boring in winter after 9 straight weeks of 2 kinds of kale, but I like that all the stuff comes from them. I have a friend who gets an organic box and it is just a bunch of organic food bought who-know-where, and delivered to her house. Pineapples were once in her box.

          1. I own a farm that is a CSA farm that delivers to San Mateo. I know that many folks like the convenience of the home delivery folks, but they are not farms. They buy from farms and produce buyers. The actual farm CSAs such as Full Belly and Two Small Farms (the only CSAs that I know of that deliver in and near San Mateo) are a much better value.


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            1. re: chardgirl

              I just joined the Two Small Farms CSA a few weeks ago and have been delighted by the quality and variety. The veggies have been really tasty and fresh and the seascape strawberries that have been in the last 3 boxes have been awesome -- much better than the chandler strawberries I purchased for $4/basket at the Swanton farm stand at the Ferry Building farmer's market. I subscribed to the Eatwell farms CSA last year and was very disappointed with the quality of the produce. Many times the fruit was inedible and frequently the greens were already bad (wilty and mushy) by the time I brought the box home.

              1. re: chardgirl

                I joined Two Small Farms a couple of months ago too and the quality of the produce is very high. I agree with armaburrito, those strawberries were incredible. Every single one fragrant and delicious. I am very happy with everything I've received and love having the opportunity to try new things I've never even heard of. Additionally, I look forward to the weekly newsletter and all the recipes.

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                If Full Bell Farm delivers in your area (I'm in N. Oakland), then I cannot recommend them strongly enough. We have been getting the CSA for over 2 years and just love it! Everything is so fresh, flavorful and treated with so much care. We received spring strawberries on Tuesday, and I think they were the best I have ever had. The price can't be beat either.


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