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Jan 9, 2007 02:21 AM

Bachlorette Party from Arizona - Suggestions

I'm in the process of planning a dual bachelorette trip for 8-9 girls for the first weekend in March in San Fran/Napa. We are spending most of the time in Napa, but are doing Friday night in the city. I was hoping someone that knows the area could give me some good suggestions of a good place to check for a light dinner or even tapas prior to going out. We are actually doing a "wig night" theme that evening so I'm looking for a place that isn't pretentious or expensive that we could have a good time, get some good grub and not feel too weird about dressing up a little crazy. We are girls up for anything in our mid-late twenties so if anyone can think of some place fun for that kind of night could you please let me know?


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  1. hands down, asia sf. great food and cocktails in a fun atmosphere. you'll also get tons of compliments on your wigs and crazy outfits from the ladies who work there :).

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      i was totally going to say asia sf! that was my 21st bday party and every "girl" event has been there. great cocktails, great "show."

    2. Asia SF was the first thing I though of too, but if you are going to club-hop in SoMa afterward, and I assume you are wine-lovers given the Napa plan, might I suggest CAV Kitchen & Wine Bar at 1666 Market.
      The staff is awesome and crazy dress would not be a problem. Then you could catch a quick cab ride to DNA Lounge, Cat Club, Luna Lounge, etc.