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Jan 9, 2007 01:59 AM

Any suggestions for good food and excellent service in SHREWSBURY, NJ?


I'm looking for a local upscale but not too upscale (no chains) restaurant with excellent service.

I would like to give a gift certificate. Food type might be continental, American or Italian? Maybe a delicious steak house?

The zip code of the recepient is 07701

If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm not sure there is anything upscale in Shrewsbury, but Fromagerie in Rumson and Anjelica's in Sea Bright are both very good and not far.....

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        My money is on Anjelica's. We travel over an hour each way to partake. Staff is A-One, food is consistently top drawer.

      2. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll try and look them up.

        1. Nicholas, in Middletown (adjacent to Shrewsbury), has similar pricing as Fromagerie but is far superior in every way. Sensational cuisine; polished, yet, cordial service; and stylish, very comfortable ambiance are what make it one of the best restaurants in the state.

          Le Fandy, in nearby Fair Haven, is another excellent option. While the surroundings are much more casual, service is friendly and efficient, and the cuisine is superb.

          Btw, in accordance with the way Chowhound admins have split NJ between two boards, your request actually belongs on the Mid-Atlantic board because Shrewsbury and surrounding towns are in central, not northern, NJ.

          1. I've had several excellent meals at San Remo, a BYO Italian on Rt. 520 in Shrewsbury.

            There's a liquor store across the street.