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Jan 9, 2007 01:55 AM

entertainment book rec's

I bought the 2007 entertainment book this year but was surprised that many of my favourite restaurants were no longer there. Many of the listed restaurants i've never heard of and I'd appreciate it if anyone who has been, could offer some suggestions.

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  1. Most of the so-called fine dining joints listed in the latest local edition of the Entertainment Book are, I find, mediocre and/or overpriced. But that shouldn't be so surprising because most restaurants anywhere are mediocre (or at best acceptably average) and/or overpriced given the quality of their offerings. Still, among the fading spots that'll be out of business before you can use their coupon, and the newer joints trying to build up enough clientele so that they won't need support from the Entertainment Book next year, there always seem to be two or three worthwhile choices, with enough of a saving to pay the price of the Book. My most enjoyable spot so far this year is Joy Bistro ($16 saving), on Queen St. E., with imaginative food in a cosy room at prices that'd be fair even before the discount. On a lower level, in the casual dining section, there's Steeles Deli (a sociologically entertaining spot doing nicely-done diner-style food) off Yonge near Steeles (an $11 saving, if I recall). And more upscale, on Avenue Rd. north of Lawrence, there's Bon Vivant, with a rather narrow menu but which does good things with lamb ($25 saving). And lastly, I've always had a decent feed at Coleman's Deli ($10 saving), one of the few joints in town with chicken livers on the menu, which it does quite nicely.

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      Funny - I buy one every year from a charity and despite my addiction to eating in restaurants I have never, ever used it. I once thought if I kept it in the car I might actually recoup my $35 investment. That didn't work either.


      1. re: juno

        The chicken livers at Colemans are disgusting. They are battered and deep fried. Use the coupon for something else.

        1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

          They weren't battered and deep fried when I had them last - about six months ago. Perhaps a new talent in the kitchen has placed his own new twist on them. I'm glad I got there before the change Vinnie Vidimangi experienced.

          1. re: juno

            I am pleased to say that your experience is more recent than my mine.

      2. Tony Roma the Rib OK
        other wise there a lot of goos small types of Places to eat and if you want to eat cheap with out Drinks it can cost you around $25.00 to $30.00 for diner or use to food court type of places for 241 deals

        1. We used ours to try the Armenian Kitchen. Nothing fancy, but a tasty tasty Shawarma! I'd go back.

          1. I haven't been using mine as much this year (a baby will do that) but, I'll second Bon Vivant as a solid, if not AWESOME place.

            You can't go wrong with Trappers. Spezzo, in Richmond Hill, is pretty nice too.
            Utopia Cafe on College was wonderful surprise and...that's all I can remember without the book in front of me.


            1. Mezzeta is a fun place to go, but most of the meat dishes are pretty blah.