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Jan 9, 2007 01:26 AM

Chinatown for a first-timer

Hey there, I am going to Chinatown and cant believe I've never been. Mostly it was because I didn't know where to go and was afraid of going to some awful place. I've been to Chinatown with those who know the ropes in DC and in NYC.

Can someone recommend a few of (or your favourite) the best places? Thanks I'd really appreciate it.


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  1. Chau Chau City on Essex for dim sum. Daily. The best.

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    1. re: Pastramiman

      I love the BBQ bahn me at Mei Sum.
      You can't go wrong at King Fung if you're with a group.
      Taiwan Cafe has some good dishes, though I've had a couple of disappointing meals there.
      Jumbo Seafood.
      That should get you started...

    2. peach farm and east ocean city

      1. Hei La Moon for dim sum, Taiwan Cafe for prix-fixe lunch special, Rainbow Cafe for sweet and sour pork and other similar fried dishes, King Fung for noodles and dumplings, Mei Sum for a quick Vietnamese sandwich, Pho Pasteur for pho.

        1. Taiwan Cafe - both their brunch and their standard menus are excellent and approachable
          Hong Kong Eatery - eat something that has been roasted
          Hei La Moon/Chau Chow City - good dim sum (not like NY though)
          Pho Pasteur - Vietnamese coffee
          King Fung Garden - 24 hour call ahead Peking duck (yeah, it's not mind-altering, but it's the best we've got in the area)
          Peach Farm - when soft shell crabs are in season - my lord
          Lucky House Seafood - various and sundry fried street snacks

          1. My votes go to The Peach Farm and East Ocean City, especially if you are a fan of seafood prepared Chinese style.