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Jan 9, 2007 01:21 AM

Potbelly alternative in downtown Chicago?

Will be in the downtown Chicago area on business. Looking for a place to order in lunch for 5 - sandwiches are ok but is there anything well-liked that is slightly more upscale than Potbelly? Thanks.

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  1. You could order deli sandwiches from the Ashkenaz Deli up in the Viagra Triangle... overall I'd say they are better than Pot Belly, although I am a closet fan of potbelly wrecks :)

    1. I just went to Jerry's Sandwiches and it was great.

      I just found out that they're moving to Wicker Park now !!!

      1. Corner Bakery has good sandwiches and catering.

        1. two other options w/delivery:

          goodwins -- non-chain, fresh sandwiches, salads, soups, etc.
 -- menu available online

          specialty's -- chain from seattle/cali, only 1 location in chicago; more funky options, but also in the deli realm

          (877) 502-2837

          both of these are located in the area of franklin/randolph.

          1. Manny's deli delivers & caters to the entire loop area, if you want oohs & ahhs from your guests give them a call: