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Jan 9, 2007 01:19 AM

Naked fish

I am new to the area and a co worker told me the Naked Fosh was a good place to become this true?

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  1. There are several. I have been pleased with the one on the Middlesex Turnpike at the Burlington-Billerica line. They do a lot of Latin-style seafood, with standard fish-and-ships and a steak or two for the less adventurous. All three times I have been there, the food has been fresh and the service excellent.

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    1. re: peregrine

      What do you think about the portion size? Haven't been in a while and while the fish was undoubtedly fresh and I liked the simple grilled approach, when I was taken by a boss to lunch at one, well... memories of the child deprived of his lollipop bereft expression on his face at this admittedly pretty tiny portion of fish they set in front of him helped me through some days when he was driving me crazy.

      1. re: peregrine

        How many are actually left? So many turned into Red Sauce then Red Sauce disappeared. I think the one on Rt. 1 northh is still there and this one you say is in Burlington. Any others?

        1. re: Joanie

          There is also one off Rte. 9 at Rte. 30 in Westborough.

          I've heard that there's good fishing there at Happy Hour ;-)

      2. There's one in natick, right off the mass Pike exit; Speen St, i think?

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          There is also one in Waltham on Totten Pond Road. Been there maybe twice, but both times for apps and drinks. I don't really remember specifics, but think I enjoyed everything. Decent mojitos.

        2. I have eaten at Naked Fish numerous times -- although not in a couple of years -- and always thought the food was pretty bad. It looks like it might be a fun place to hang out at the bar, but I don't recommend going for the food.

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          1. re: Blumie

            I agree. Overpriced and not very good. It always sounds good on the menu but then when you get it, ehh.

            1. re: hargau

              I wouldn't go quite that far. My experiences have fallen into two buckets: Latin experiences and straight ahead experiences.

              Ironically, considering that it's supposed to be a Latin seafood restaurant, all the Latin-style dishes I've ordered here have ranged from neutral to bad.

              I've found the straight ahead seafood to range from adequate to pretty good. While the grilled yellowfin tuna with field greens and garlic mashed doesn't exactly dazzle me with its groundbreaking originality, I can't really find fault with it either.

              And although their rolls don't appear to be made with heroin (just wait, Legal Seafoods will be raided by the DEA sooner or later), I find them to be a fairly pleasant accompaniment to the meal.

              1. re: finlero

                Speaking of rolls made with heroine, does Skipjack's still make those garlicky/butter rolls, the equivalent to crack on the table? The only reason people could go there, IMHO...

            2. re: Blumie

              I'm with you Blumie. At once based on the talk...nothing special really and pretty gimmicky.

            3. nice concept bad execution "C" at best

              1. Besides Waltham, I've eaten at the one on Rt. 30 in Natick. Food is fine, but pricey. Also, service is disinterested at best, and there is a dearth of shellfish offerings beyond lobster and paella.