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Jan 9, 2007 01:18 AM

Updated report on dining in Cape Town

We're off to South Africa February 3rd - would love some ideas for restaurants with really great food in Cape Town. Also, has anybody heard that it is dangerous to take a taxi in CP? I find
that hard to believe. We'll also be at the Westcliffe in JoBurg for two nights - so anything that
direction would be most welcome too. Thanks.

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  1. I am also going to Capetown soon. I have found posts on this board and taken notes also. However, you may find the website to be helpful also. It is not a consumer based board, but does seem to have a local bent and more restauant suggestions. If you have any "finds" after your trip, post again,please.

    1. Plenty to choose from in Cape Town - from 'cheap and cheerful' to expensive.
      New additions on the 'fine dining' scene are Jardine and The Showroom. Both in the city.
      Also in the city are Five Flies and Bukhara.
      For African food, try The Africa Cafe.
      Close to the city are Wakame in Mouille Point, Capella in Green Point.
      Try get out to the winelands. Try Haute Cabriere, Bread and Wine and La Petit Ferme - all in Franschhoek.
      Moyo in Stellenbosch is a great experience. African buffet, outdoors, music, dancers.
      The website should give you some information on most of those mentioned.
      About the taxis ... I wouldn't recommend that you take a mini-taxi (seats about 10 people). But the normal sedan taxis are fine.

      1. I've got a friend who's a chef at Jardine's and about 2 weeks ago they had the legendary Albert Roux and his son there for dinner, they apparantly loved it and said it's the best eat they had in Cape Town. Also the rumour is going around that the Roux brothers wanna open shop in Cape Town, interesting indeed...

        1. Back from Cape Town - we loved it. Stayed at the Mount Nelson which was grand.
          Our best meal was at Aubergine but also had a great time at the Africa Cafe. Ate on
          the roof - much fun and good food. A friend who lives there said NOT to go but we are glad we did. Next time we want to spend more time in the wine country.