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Jan 9, 2007 12:58 AM


I've had a crazy craving for churros, but I can't find anywhere in Toronto to buy them.

I actually also want them for a catering session I'm running, so does anyone know where I can buy them in bulk. I doubt Sopra Restaurant (4 stars) will mass produce them for me. Does Costco sell them? Or are they easy enough to make myself?

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  1. Johny Banana on Bathurst........

      1. re: foodbatman

        I dunno. They're nice folks; you could ask.

        Yay to Food Tourist for the churro list below! That's my weekend, locked :-)

      2. A quick search turned up:

        Kensington Market is a goldmine for churros, but usually only on weekends. However, the Latin American emporium would probably make them to order since they make a few other items to order such as pupusas. Tacos El Trompo and the Mexican dry goods store have the same churros which are slightly crunchier than Latin American's (which can be a little mushy inside). Avoid Cava's churros. Bymark's churros are the best as they are filled with dulce de leche.

        1. And in the summer, the international marketplace at the Harbourfront Centre has a churros stand. Wait till they make it fresh and buy them for $1.50 a pop. It's there on weekends all summer long, I believe, because I always see it whenever I go to one of the day time events or concerts.

          If you can fry, you can make churros. Google for the recipe and have a piping tube with a star tip. The only reason I don't make it at home is that would just be an invitation for unabashed glutonny. However, it would be very economical if you want to do it for catering by making the simple dough then rolling the fried sticks in cinnamon sugar... For even more decadence, serve with with a chocolate dunking sauce. The Spanish eat it with thick hot chocolate so it mimics that.

          But personally, I like my churros piping hot, crunchy outside soft inside, sweet and cinnamony, and as is.

          1. Try Mexican Food Wholesalers such as Pepe's in the North West end Albion Rd. Hwy 27 area or do an internet search for one in Mississauga, don't have info handy!