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Jan 9, 2007 12:55 AM


we're heading to aruba this weekend w/a large group of people and someone made reservations at a place called el gaucho. does anyone know of this place?

any other recommendations of places not to miss?


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  1. I did my research before going at under their restaurant reviews.

    Some of my favorites are:

    Old Fisherman which has obviously has fish but what really knocks me out is a fried cornbread cut into strips and topped with fresh shredded cheese. They are reasonably priced place that was pointed out to me by a few locals.

    La Granja which is also a local spot. I got hooked and had to get one last fix of their chicken before leaving, luckily it is near the airport. Here is a link to a review which is right on the money.

    Madam Janette's which you will find plenty of reviews on the Aruba site I linked above.

    Enjoy your trip, I'm jealous.

    1. I live in the ABC islands and have been to Aruba many times since 97. El Gaucho was once the place to go for Argentinian beef. I think it's hey day is over. It was closed in 2006 for hygiene reasons for a short period if that matters.

      I recommend:

      Madame Janette's
      King Rib
      Jamaican Me Crazy
      Flying Fishbones (Hit or miss)
      Que Pasa
      Cuba's Cooking (drinks and apps and music)
      Mirandi if it's reopened
      Ventana de la Mer for lunch and views

      Have fun..

      1. yikes! thanks for the info. i don't think i have much choice in the matter at this point (the person who made the reservations also invited themselves along on the trip), but at least i will be prepared.

        1. El Gaucho closed voluntarily when one of their employees got sick and they weren't sure what it was. They were not made to close but decided it would be the thing to do. That was a number of years ago btw. Anyway, I would make sure, if I could, that you eat downstairs. If it is a large group that may not be possible but I like the downstairs better. Go to Garufa across the street for jazz and an after dinner drink (cappacino, etc.) afterwards. Linda

          1. Hi Linda,

            Why was it closed in 2006? I was there and it was closed and I was told hygiene reasons...could have been a "rumor".