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Jan 9, 2007 12:32 AM

All I know is that there are Poppy seeds in it its roll like fashion help!

Ok I am looking for this poppy seed pastry that I just cant find anymore. Its kind of like kuchen, or a giant roll cake thingy with sugary poppy seeds inside - rolled flakey - yummy.

What is this called and where do I find it in Brooklyn or Manhattan I used to be able to find this long ago but cant anymore.

I've been craving it...

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  1. Do you mean Humentashen? Shaped like a 3 cornered hat with poppy seed filling called mundt. Usually available around Purim.

    1. I think you are reffering to a strudel, which can be purchased at Andres Bakery on the upper east side.

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        I agree. Poppy strudel is what it's called (even though it does not have the flaky dough. A few years ago (and probably still) Eagle Provisions sold in both fresh from a bakery (by the pound) and in pre-packaged varieties.

      2. There is a bread/cake that sounds like this in the Polish bakeries in Greenpoint. I don't know what it is called.

        1. Thanks guys I will look into these places - I may even call ahead but I dont want to annoy anybody with descrptions.

          1. Hi- what is found in the Polish bakeries is called a babka. It is rolled with poppy seeds inside, although not flaky ( but still delicious).

            Take a walk down Manhattan Ave and you can find them in most stores.

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              Well, not really a babka....made with that sort of dough tho'. Ask for (go figure) Poppy Seed roll. Ask for babka and you will get a loaf of bread only....

              This is a middle European style item, so I have seem them in Russian and Czech stores as well. GrandMom made them best tho'