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East meets West Chinese Rest on Woodhaven Blvd.

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What is the 411 on this place. I see that they are making it larger. I know it's a staple in Rego Park and Middle Village. Their take out is so so. I was also informed that it owned and ran by Italians Americans. Is it Chinese American or Italian chinese American rest. Confused in Queens. Also is there any good Chinese food in the Rego Park / Middle Village Area.

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  1. Rego Park--not really--Tung Shing sucks big time..closest decent place is the Ocean Palace (i think that's the name now) in Forest Hills next to Sam Ash....decent takeout is Golden Pavillion on Metrop in Kew Gardens.--tried Wing Luck and thought it was really lousy. I go to Flushing----to Spicy and Tasty.

    1. I tried East Meets West a few times before I gave up on them.

      They have average to something's-missing recipes, small portions, and high prices relative to other take-out places. They have upscale pretensions and prices but a mediocre and undersized portion-controlled product.

      I don't usually have strong feelings about a Chinese take-out place but in this case I felt ripped off by both their conceit and greed, grrrr.

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        the reason the food is price is high is that the owner has to keep up with the jones...

      2. Where is Spicy and Tasty in Flu - Shin ?

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          Spicy & Tasty
          39-07 Prince St., Queens, NY 11354
          at 39th St.

          1. The 411 is that the food stinks..

            1. oh and if you're relatively in the area, you can go to Ping's which is on Queens Blvd in Elmhurst, but close enough to woodhaven blvd. sorta classic, "lao-pai" cantonese, with great dim sum on the weekends.

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                Wait, I thought I read recently that Ping's is no longer Ping's. (I would be happy to be wrong on that!)

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                  yeah I went by recently and it looked all boarded up but actually it was just closed; went by last night and it was in full swing; didn't look like any new kind of management, if that's what you meant.

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                    That's good news, it's my best walking-distance option for dim sum.