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Meskerem on Upper West side: Gone?

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Can't find a recent posting, but I'm getting the feeling it was short-lived... true?

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  1. There were a number of food places in the same building (some crappy Chinese place, a decent Italian place, a bodega) that have all closed. I think the building was bought and is now going to be developed into I have no idea what, but I'll bet you a Grey's Papaya dog that it's a luxury apartment building no one will be able to afford!

    1. What a bummer! I was hoping to go there for dinner tonight, and instead we ended up at Ouest, which was delicious, but pretentious and REALLY expensive!! *sigh!* Meskerem, we hardly knew ye.

      1. There is a Meskerem not too far away from there, on 47th between 9th and 10th. certainly not in the same neighborhood, but a quick train ride away if you need a fix. my sister lives right near the one that closed- there was never anyone in there, which was really sad to see.

        1. Meskerem is so spotty though.
          The service can go from pleasant to dismal from one visit to the next. The same thing with the injera it can be heaven one day and off the next.

          I kept going back because of the few visits that were good until the aggravation prevented from going anymore....pair unpredictable food with almost negligent service and no matter how inexpensive the place in my book it's not worth the aggravation.

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            agreed on the service and the food. is there a different Ethiopian place that you prefer? I've been to Ghenet, and wasn't impressed.

          2. I'm sorry to say I don't have any alternatives for Ethiopian.
            Ages ago, they used to be a place in 10th Avenue (mid 40s? I think) called Queen of Sheeba but about a year ago when I got one of my Ethiopian hankerings I tried to find it and I couldn't. Either the place is gone or I was delirioius with hunger and missed it.

            1. this week in the NYT there is a review of a new place in Harlem, called Zoma. sounds interesting. i live in brooklyn, but if i have the time, i'll check it out.

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                The review sounds very promising and the picture had me salivating.
                I wonder if they offer a coffee ceremony like the one at Meskerem.
                I had what I would probably rate like the best cup of coffee in decades at Meskerem once. Afterwards every time I tried to get the special coffee it never was available :(

                Thanks for the headsup, I'm putting Zoma in my to-try-list.