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KONJAC noodles (KONNYAKU, SHIRATAKI) zero carb calories, nutritious and healthy

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Does anyone know where I can buy konjac noodles in and or around Toronto?

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  1. hey... does this have anything to do with those little jelly cups too? i think they're also made of konnyaku....

    1. I saw them this weekend at Sanko (Queen W., at Niagara).

      1. These are like gelatin noodles. They are kind of like rice vermicelli with a 'crunchier' mouth feel. I find them in a lot of Asian markets. Quite a few shops in Chinatown carry them and I'm sure you can find them at T&T. They are great when doing hot pot!

        1. They are definetly at T&T.

          1. The big Korean supermarket at Bloor & Clinton (southwest corner).

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            1. I get my shirataki noodles (its 40 calories for a whole package) from the low carb grocery store at younge and laurence!

              1. You can also get them at Little Tokyo in Kensington Market.