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Jan 9, 2007 12:14 AM

Good Dining-In burgers in Philadelphia?

I'm in town one night and have too much work (conference calls with people on the west coast) to actually leave the hotel. The hotel's room service is TGI Fridays so I'm going to use the Dining In service. I'm really craving a good burger - these are my choices:

Cavanaugh's Restaurant
Continental Mid-town
Deuce Bar and Restaurant
Elephant & Castle
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Jon's Bar & Grill
Mad River Bar & Grille
Original Turkey Plus
Phila Deli
Steaks on South
The Wrap Shack

Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. not sure about some of those...I'd go with Jones probably for a burger, or FSS & Continental as other choices.

    1. Mad River is bad. I've never had a burger at Jones, but what I have had there has been pretty good, and a good burger would fit with their comfort food theme. It stands to reason that they'd make a decent burger.

      You could also ask at the front desk, Dining In is nice but there are tons of great places that do deliver but don't participate in Dining In.

      1. I really like Marathon Grill's burgers. I think they deliver, but I don't know how well the burger would stand up to travelling.

        1. Super bizarro choices there bookgirl. I can't answer anything you have up there but the best burgers in Old City are either at Sassafrass (where you can order osterich and/or bison) or Charlie's (which I have never had a bad meal there, and they serve a mean burger and fries.)

          1. Get the cream of mushroom soup from Fri Sat and Sunday and stay away from all the others!!