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Jan 9, 2007 12:09 AM

Classic Maritime Cuisine

So what would all you east coast chowhounds say are your favourite Maritime dishes? Or, can anyone at least attempt to define what "classic maritime cuisine" is?

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    1. I think troutpoint has hit the issue "on the head" is all in the product.

      When I think of the Maritimes, I think of fresh lobster, mussels, salmon [steaks cut through the backbone, not the fillets I prefer and see more often out here in the West] and good white as opposed to Manhattan chowder....mind you I also think of those dastardley donairs I ate stumbling back up Spring Garden Rd. to my "digs" near Dalhousie campus on too many late Saturday nights...the MSG ring and buzz from the big bowls of soup from Robie Foods...the "steaks" [?] and boiled dinners from the Midtown...fried this and that from Camille's...etc. etc.

      I can also "smell" molasses cookies and fresh rolls that my Godmother would cook as we watched the convoy of airstream trailers make their way down Kelly's Mountain en route to the ferry to Newfoundland from North Sydney

      1. Don't forget the freshly baked biscuits, or molasses bread with homemade beans on a Saturday night.

        Definitely donairs...Big messy ones.

        Boiled dinner is also a "maritime" tradition...with cabbage and mustard pickles(the Midtown didn't even have a women's bathroom then!). In fact what about pickles? Chow chow, mustard, dills, Lady Ashburn...the list could go on and on...

        1. How about Oat Cakes and Porridge Bread. Fish cakes and beans is another one.

          1. I have thought of a few more. Cape Breton Pork Pies must be strictly from this special maritime place. they are not what you may think. Not a meat pie. They are small pastry tart with a filling of chopped dates, brown sugar and vanilla. There is a white icing on top. Chow is another one. Maritime summers can be short and gardeners usually have a bounty of green tomatoes to use in a chow chow.