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Jan 9, 2007 12:00 AM

Simon Kitchen at Hard Rock and Antonio's at the Rio

About 4 years or more ago, we went to Antonio's and at the time, we thought it was outstanding..especially the Cream of Onion soup that was ladled into the biggest onion ... which I thought was so clever to serve the best onion soup I have ever had...can anyone update me and tell me if this restaurant is still great?

Also...always wanted to go to Simon Kitchen....please give details and what to order. It's been left to me to find a place for 2 nights for 11 people who looooove food but we don't want to do high end this time. Your responses on my other questions have been helpful...I'm open to more info!

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  1. Simon is decent but their menu changes frequently, making it difficult to make accurate suggestions. They are known for their desserts ( cotton candy, cookies & milk, etc. ). I've been a few times and it really isn't bad. The most memorable dish I had there was lamb chops with a prickly pear compote. The lamb was really well seasoned and well cooked and the compote matched beautifully. Their sides are good also.

    1. I really hated Simon. I didn't like the attitude, I was mightily disappointed by the mediocre crabcake and I can't even remember the unremarkable soup I had. Lots of better options for the money if you ask me.

      Thomas W.