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Lunch near 59th and Park?

I am looking for a reasonable, quiet place to take my grandmother for lunch near 59th and Park. She walks fine but slowly, and has an appointment at that address, so if anyone could recommend a nice place near I would be very grateful!

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  1. Fred's at Barneys. Never been during the week for lunch, so I don't know if it's quiet or not.


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      Fauchon has a tearoom with very nice (expensive!) salads, sandwiches and pastries. It's on Park and 56th.

      1. Park Avenue Cafe is on 63rd St., b/t Park & Lex.


        1. Teodora on 57th St bet. Lex. and 3rd Avenues. closer to Lex. Good Italian.

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            I second Teodora-try the vitello tonnato-also Cellini on 54th and Park is pretty good too.

          2. Bottega del Vino is on 59th - I think between Park & Madison.

            1. Aquavit on 55th and park. I had lunch in the bar room as opposed to the dining room and it was excellent!

              1. Bloomingdales on 59th and Lex has 3 different restaurants / cafes that I know of. The one on 59th at street level has good people watching, whereas the small restaurant downstairs in the men's department is quiet and good for conversation.

                1. Sel et poivre is good - its been there for years. Nice and quiet for lunchtime and delicious, elegant, french bistro food, and great bread. Its at Lex. and around 63rd, I believe.

                  I also love David Burke's cafe at Bloomies on 59th btw. 3rd and Lex., but it is very hectic and noisy - not the place to talk to your grandma. The service there needs a lot of work.

                  1. Thanks a million everyone! Very helpful. Now I have to choose...

                    1. By the way, thanks especially to those who gave warnings about noise levels. When I'm out with my grandmother, noise tends to be more important than the food itself in determining whether she enjoys herself...

                      1. Based on your criteria, I would recommend Aureole. Great food, lovely decor (can have easy conversation), and attentive service. My only concern is the restrooms are located down a flight of stairs. I've never had a problem with my 82 year old mother though.

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                          Alas, I read this after I met my grandmother...

                        2. So just to report back, I ended up going to Bistro 60 because it was the closest to my grandmother's appointment. We arrived around 12:45 and easily found a table, but by 1:15 it was completely full and pretty noisy. The food was fine but uneven. The celeri remoulade was good, but the potato-leek soup tasteless and over-peppered. My grandmother's trout meuniere was, as she put it, "very good, but not trout meuniere!" I had a nice seafood salad - monkfish, salmon, scallops, shrimp, on a bed of mixed greens - but it was underdressed. I had to ask for dressing, and when they brought it to me, it was a different dressing. It turned out fine, but obviously not quite the seamless culinary experience one would prefer. My grandmother and I shared a bowl of three sorbets, which were just delicious, especially the mango and the sorbet. Finally, I noticed that a few chowhounders are sensitive to service - once things got busy, I think the wait-staff had trouble keeping it all together. I had to ask three times, and three different waiters, for more dressing for my salad. This seemed to trouble my grandmother more than me, and would probably have irritated those of you sensitive to service. Anyway, all in all, I would say it's a fine place to go, but there must be better.