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Jan 8, 2007 11:53 PM

Got a gift certificate to Roy's: help!

For my birthday, a relative gave me a gift certificate to Roy's, the "Hawaiian Fusion" place in SoMa. I've been once before, a long time ago, and remember it being so corporate and fusion in the wrong way that I immediately forgot everything I ate and swore not to return.

And now I have this gift certificate. So, for Roy-lovers or Roy-had to go because you got a gift certificate-ers, what would you recommend at Roy's?

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  1. I'd ask for the freshest fish/seafood available and ask for a simple, non-fusion prep, i.e., leave the weird sauce off.

    1. I'd suggest a black cod or sea bass which would stay moist even if slightly over cooked. Or blow the whole gift certificate on cocktails and just enjoy the atmosphere.

      1. Stick with the freshest fish, as you suggest. Roy's isn't so bad. Overpriced and snooty without a cause, yes. But not bad.

        1. Roy's has a DAT menu this month. See if that menu interests you.

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            I went for DAT lunch last year (not my choice), and as suggested above, the food wasn't bad. Atmosphere's kind of nice in the booths by the front. Service was condescending once we ordered "bargains."

            It looks like the DAT menu hasn't changed--the assorted appetizer plate and fish tasted pretty good.

          2. I've been to Roy's a few times, and I remember the appetizers being much better than the mains. If you can make a whole meal out of a bunch of appetizers, I'd do that.

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              Happen to stumble upon your post. Haven't been to the Roy's in SF but to one in Chicago. I always order the same thing...

              1. Lobster Dim Sum - lobster dumplings with a truffle oil foam emulsion - the truffle oil compliments the sweet lobster very well.

              2. Asian poached pear salad - simple but good - can't go wrong if you want some extra greens.

              3. Misoyaki Butterfish - served with black rice and baby bok choy. The texture of the fish is fantastic.

              All else fails... order some drinks and the molten chocolate cake.

              Happy Eats!