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Jan 8, 2007 11:11 PM

Anyone know of a good fondue place?

not just cheese fondue but chicken, beef...

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  1. Mont Blanc, a Swiss restaurant, at 308 W. 48th St., is your best bet. Acc. to their website, they serve 4 different kinds of fondues: cheese, beef, seafood, and chocolate. I've never tried this place, but I recall past posts by other Hounds who have had some positive things to say about it.

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      I really like Mont Blanc. It's not at all trendy or fashionable, it's kind of a place that time forgot, but the food is really good, although I think I've only had apps and the beef fondue. Ooh, and chocolate, rich and dark and really good. The cheese is really smelly-strong. You get more food than you could ever eat. And it's quiet and cozy and I want to go now that I'm reminded of it. But really, it depends what you are looking for, as the slightly musty ambiance probably is not to everyone's taste.

    2. L'artisanal pops to mind when we talk about cheese fondue. Theirs is supposed to be made with great cheeses.

      1. i second artisanal for higher end quality fondue with great dippers.
        For a more casual scene, Dip has a number of fondue options with meats,

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          No offense, but Dip is a bad fondue place.

          1. re: Scott V

            Dip is an awful, awful place. Expect to get carded even if you are going for dinner at 7pm. The place is a joke. A really, really bad joke.

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            Thirding (or tenthing or whatever) Artisanal. I have never found its equal for fondue in the city. They'll have at least a few cheese blends (your fondue will actually taste of high quality cheese, rather than something akin to melty cheese sauce) to choose from, and bread, fruit, meat and veg to dip. Solid wine list and fun bistro atmosphere. If anyone with you wants something other than fondue, the rest of the menu is reliable as well.

            Finally, my secret Artisanal fondue vice--use an order of the gougeres as a dipper for the fondue. Possibly the most sinful bite in New York.

          3. FYI about Artisanal...February is their special "Fondue Month". 28 different fondues. My favorite is the short rib one.

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              28 different fondues?! So much for my diet...thanks for the tip!

            2. Have never tried it, but Kashkeval on 9th btwn 55th & 56th has a fondue menu.

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                I went to Kashkeval a few months ago and it was very good. Just be warned that the space is small - we ended up waiting about 30 minutes for a table. But I enjoyed it more than Artisanal, and felt we got more bang for our buck.

                1. re: mfr

                  We went last week. The prices can't be beat $12 per fondue--amazingly good. Imported beer $5. Staff amazingly friendly and attentive. Downside...a small speaker BLARES out obnoxious, static music from the 70s (?), and I mean bad so that all the diners get bombarded. We were shouting at each other and finally couldn't do it any longer, lost my voice. For quality and price this beats Artisanal --where we're going to get a fix tonight...because just can't take the noise of Kashkeval. (Not many choices for fondue in Manhattan.)